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Who do we create the content for?

Who are our readers?
• 97% of our readers (offline and online) are male
• 77% are between the ages of 35 and 64
• 56% are married
• 38% live in a big city with more than 100,000 residents
• Half are college educated (bachelor, master, diploma, PhD) and are employed fulltime
• One quarter earn a monthly salary above €3,000.

What other interests do our readers have?
• Sports (34%)
• Films (30%)
• Travel (30%)
• 63% of our readers do not yet use a music-streaming service
• 40% went to a concert during the past four weeks; 80% did so during the past 12 months

What is their relationship to music?
• 90% of our readers make music themselves
• 56% actively play in a band and over 70% regard themselves as advanced or experienced musicians
• Which instruments do they play: electric guitar (91%), electric bass (50%), acoustic guitar (60%), semi-acoustic / steel string / nylon string guitar (30%)
• 80% update themselves about new musical instruments and read stories at least once per week
• 80% get their information from magazines, 50% from newsletters, and 48% from social media
• 33% subscribe to the magazine; another 39% buy it regularly
• 50% bought new equipment during the past month; 88% did so during the past year
• 84% say that test reports influence their purchasing decisions and 55% are inspired by demos on YouTube; 66% mention magazines as the most influential factor in this context
• 70% spend up to €250 on music and musical instruments each month

Sources: Gitarre & Bass survey in 2016

Get to know our readers directly and personally!

Flo Fun   -   Just for fun

• Makes music to have fun and actively plays in a band
• Owns several guitars
• Practices daily and spends about two hours each week researching new instruments, bands, musical styles, etc.
• Interested in in-depth information

Peter Profi - U$er

• Is a professional musician in a top-40 band and is also a “heavy user” in his private life
• Interested in regional and smaller bands and he’d like to attract new, exciting projects
• A loyal reader who uses the full spectrum; online, he uses “homeless” media

Siggi Sammler - Equipment, equipment, equipment!

• Interested in boutique items, for which he gladly spends lots of money; fascinated by technology
• Plays his instrument only occasionally and for relaxation
• Likes to read updates about events on the market, interviews, and portraits on all channels

Teddy Tüftler - DIY-Gear-Freak

• Interested in all sorts of equipment, and also likes to repair and/or modify equipment himself
• Tends to be a collector or a maker
• Stays up to date about every kind of technology, DIY instructions, creative solutions, custom equipment
• Uses “homeless” media