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Native Advertising

Reach your customers with a mix of journalistic content and a commercial or brand message: that’s native advertising!

How does native advertising work?

Native advertising is storytelling. Your commercial or brand message is published as an editorial narrative (i.e. a story) in the journalistic context of our platforms. Alternatively, your company or your offer is an integrated part of a journalistic theme, but without explicit advertising for your product. Native advertising lastingly helps you to establish and expand the prerogative of interpretation of your company and your offers in the target group that’s most relevant for you.

What does native advertising achieve in Gitarre & Bass?

• Your content sparks strong attention and interest in our community thanks to the high credibility and extensive coverage of our media brand(s).
• Your content is published in the look and feel of our editorial environment; we’ll also be happy to create content for you.
• Long-term effects are achieved because readers spend more time with your brand and your message and become more deeply involved with them.
• This is the only way to reach your target group via all relevant channels of communication (print, online, social media) and to circumvent ad blockers.
• Helps to reach the entire target group for your company and your products by getting more people interested in your topic.
• Facilitates custom-tailored communication in the target group that’s relevant for you via the clear persona definition and positioning of Gitarre & Bass.
• Supports your company to establish itself as a shaper of opinion about the themes that are relevant to your target group.
• Improves your brand’s visibility in search engines and social-media channels through SEO-optimized multimedia storytelling (text, image, graphics, video).

Content is king and we are the thematic champions

We are content specialists for our target groups and we know exactly which themes interest our community. Simply let us handle the storytelling about your message. We’ll make sure that your themes effectively reach our community.

On your behalf, we’ll conceive the campaign, create the contents, handle the multichannel publishing, manage the campaign, and do the reporting. Full service from a single source – provided by the content specialists for your target group.

Our process leads to a successful native-advertising campaign